Here, I’m going to describe the core functionality of the application.

Creating New Auction

A signed in user can create a new auction by filling in all the required fields. Basic validations (e.g. the end date is in the future, or the buy it now price is a number) are ran when a new auction is being created:

Creating a new auction

Every user can view the list of all auctions, as well as view detailed information about each individual auction.

All auction


After an auction has been created, other users can bid on it.

Making a bid

A flash messages pops up after a bid has been accepted.

Bid is accecpted

Other users don't know who made the bid, they can only see the highest bid's value.

Another bid

Another bid is accepted.

Bid is accepcted

While bidders see only the highest bid's value, the seller has access to more detailed information.

All bids

Besides ensuring that the bid is present and is a number, the application verifies that:

  • You don't bid against yourself.
  • The auction is active.
  • The bid is greater than the last bid.
  • The bid is smaller than or equal to the Buy It Now price of the auction.
  • Validations

    An auction gets stopped and its item gets purchased if a user pays the Buy It Now price of the auction.